About Save the date - Landscape Sketch of the Arts session: Early Music


Save the date - Landscape Sketch of the Arts session: Early Music

Give your opinion and contribute to the Landscape Sketch of the Arts!

The Landscape Sketch of the Arts is a comprehensive analysis of Flanders' professional arts landscape that Flanders Arts Institute puts together at the start of each new political term. To make sure nothing is overlooked, we organise several sessions throughout 2024 to gather input from the sector, each time focusing on a different part of the arts field.

Flanders Arts Institute organised an open call for suggestions around un(der)exposed themes towards our Landscape Sketch of the Arts. This session was one of the submissions. Check out the other topics we are including in the process here.

Early Music session

Join the conversation and give your opinion on developing, producing and presenting early music in Flanders. Are you a musician or a programmer at a festival or a concert hall? Do you work for an ensemble, a label or a management office? We would like to hear your voice. Together we explore developments, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within the early music sector.

When and where

November 29 at 2 pm, at Concertgebouw, Bruges 

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Interested? As soon as the programme is online, we will send you an e-mail with all the details and a link to register. Sign up via the button at the top right (button "Sign up") and leave your name and e-mail address.

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Remuneration, barriers and confidentiality

Flanders Arts Institute wants creators' voices to be heard more. For freelance artists (who are not on the payroll of an arts organisation and for whom participation is therefore unpaid) Flanders Arts Institute provides a volunteer fee. You can indicate this in the practical confirmation email.

Furthermore, we want to help address any barriers for participants, e.g. through hybrid participation for people who have difficulty getting physically on site, food preferences or childcare. Please let us know how we can accommodate you via that same confirmation email.

To enable a safe conversation, Flanders Arts Institute commits to keeping identifiable statements within the conversation and to anonymously incorporate these insights into the final report.


Do you have a question about this session? Contact our colleague Ward via ward@kunsten.be


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